The publicly available outcomes of the DITRAMA project are listed below.

Technical documents

D2.4.a – Skills fine-tune final report

It summarizes and concretize the outcomes of the DITRAMA fine-tune Needs Survey and their following discussion at the DITRAMA Experts workshop. It aims to specifically identify which are the most needed: Technical and Industry 4.0 Technologies skills, No-technical skills and the biggest barriers for implementing Ind. 4.0 in furniture industry.

D2.4.b – Digital Transformation Manager Occupational profile final report

It contains the definition of the DTM – Digital Transformation Manager occupational profile agreed during the discussion at the DITRAMA Experts workshop. It includes a profile description, a detailed identification of the tasks expected and a list of the relevant skill of this occupational profile.

Dissemination materials


The leaflet contains a short presentation of DITRAMA aims, outcomes and outputs.

Roll up

It shows the DITRAMA visual identity and shortly the project aim and main output (MOOC).

Article 1

This first article presents the DITRAMA project in relation to the context in which it was planned, its partnership, aims, outcomes, outputs and main activities.

Press note 1

This first press note announces the launch of the DITRAMA project and it presents the context in which it was planned, the main activities and the partnership.