DITRAMA – Digital Transformation Manager:

leading companies in Furniture value chain to implement their digital transformation strategy

DITRAMA aims to provide an innovative MOOC for training managers (Digital Transformation Managers) to successfully lead and implement the digital transformation in furniture companies along the whole value chain (3 years, 01/01/2019 – 31/12/2021).

  • Strategic objectives

    • SO1 – Fine-tune existing skills related to industry 4.0 and the implementation of the digital transformation in furniture sector companies.
    • SO2 – Design and develop a new official curriculum for the furniture sector new occupational profile of the Digital Transformation Manager.
    • SO3 – Delivering a training course on a e-learning Platform (MOOC) in 7 European languages providing innovative learning materials satisfying skills needs.
    • SO4 – Test the MOOC among professionals and students of the furniture sector.
    • SO5 – Facilitate the official recognition across the EUof the new curriculum trough a MoU.
    • SO6 – Disseminate information about project outputs and outcomes across Europe.
    • SO7 – Ensuring the project sustainability and impact after its end. 
    Strategic objectives
  • Expected results

    • Fine-tune of skills needs
    • Delivery of the new joint curriculum for the Digital Transformation Manager
    • Report for supporting furniture professionals (ESCO occupations) affected by digitization
    • Delivery of innovative and interactive learning materials
    • Model to analyse the level of maturity of digitization within companies
    • Delivery of a new training course (MOOC)
    • Free and open access to the training materials for not commercial use
    • Have a concrete positive impact on the VET provision system across the EU
    • Creation of a “sectorial Alliance” leading digital transformation in EU furniture sector
    Expected results
  • Target groups

    • Furniture sector professionals, students and unemployed
    • Furniture companies carrying on the digital transformation process or willing to start it
    • Continuing VET providers and Higher Education Institutions
    • European sectorial federations (UEA, EFIC and EFBWW)
    • National and regional associations of furniture companies
    • EU-28 regional and national bodies with regulatory functions
    • Some specific stakeholders (e.g. CEDEFOP)
    Target groups
  • Methodology and activities

    WP1 will facilitate the project effective implementation.

    In WP2, partners with the support of external experts will fine-tune the knowledge and skills needs for the new occupational profile of the Digital Transformation Manager of the furniture sector. 

    In WP3, partners will design and deliver the new joint curriculum for the Digital Transformation Manager based on the consensus among the sector key stakeholders and actors.

    In WP4, the partnership will support the validation and recognition of the learning outcomes related to the new training course within and outside the partnership.

    In WP5, Higher education institutions and VET providers will produce the educational materials for the training course related to the new curriculum.

    In WP6, using the educational material of WP5, partners will develop the adapted e-learning platform and create the on-line Training Pilot Course.

    In WP7, the pilot course will be tested among at least 100 learners, 60/70 students and 40/60 professionals from the furniture sector.

    In WP8, partners will implement specific actions to support the project Quality Assurance and will ensure that the project implementation respects the workplan.

    In WP9, partners will support the external evaluators in evaluation the project outputs.

    In WP10, partners will plan and implement the dissemination and exploitation activities to increase the project impact within and outside of the Alliance.

    Methodology and activities