The Danish Furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen has started their digital transformation and experienced that knowledge about their customers are the key to success. They are constantly developing on their digital journey and the things they have implemented as it is a project that never stops.

Fritz Hansen is one of the most know Danish furniture manufacturer with a portfolio of many immortal Danish classics. Since its foundation in 1872 it has changed both aesthetically and related to the way of doing business. Since the company started digitalizing, their website has become both an E-shop and a partner portal from which they can move marketing from print media to digital ones. It has been a great organizational task and a constant learning process. Since the start in 2007, they have changed their digital platform twice and used about ten million DKK. Most efforts have been on getting to know their customers better. Data has showed that it was better to differentiate based on customer profiles and customers’ common characteristics than on countries.

“Our customers are primarily urban customers living in the big cities and have many common interests within culture, design and art”. Social media are important, but a cohesive supply network counts more than cool pictures, as customers want things fast. Therefore, Fritz Hansen has put a lot of effort into that part. Globalization and digital transformation has changed competition within the furniture industry.

“The industry is no longer just known by the entire classic, we are challenged on quality, delivery, price etc. A new international mindset coexist with the old one more preoccupied with what happens at the fairs in Cologne and Munich,” says the CEO Jacob Holm.

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