The Polish furniture sector counts more than 30.000 companies, including components and accessories producers, the furniture distribution network, and their related workers. 

Nowadays, the digitization process in Poland concerns basically the big companies that export furniture around the world. In this case,  digitization is a  gradual process that affects and enhances all their services. Otherwise, digitization is a key leverage for the new/young companies, which emphasize digital transformation and innovation to start their new business.

COVID-19 has forced a change in businesses across the Polish furniture industry. Planned strategies by companies to enter into online channels, previously in long-term, were accelerated as a result of the lock down.

Polish companies are at different stages of carrying out digital transformation and understand it in various ways. IK SYNC conducted a study on digitization on a group of 274 Polish furniture companies. 59% of the respondents identify the need for transformation or are at the initial stage of its implementation. For the majority of the respondents (over 60%), digital transformation means preparing a product catalogue on a website, creating an online materials database and supporting traders with modern technologies. For slightly more than 40% of the respondents, the transformation process is identified with the implementation of CRM technology, tools supporting communication with the client (chat type) and automatic indicators for assessing sales effectiveness. 21% of the respondents see the digitization of the sales area as processes that supersede salespeople in favour of modern technologies.