Halfway through the project, the partners met in Milan for 2 days to discuss on current and future activities.

The meeting was useful to deepen the working methodology and to discuss the development of training materials and the aspects to be taken into consideration to facilitate the process of recognition and validation of the results. Second working day was focused on reviewing the content of the curriculum and the platform for the development of the online training course.

The Digital Transformation Manager (DTM) Curriculum aims to prepare a professional figure able to properly lead companies toward their digital transformation within the furniture sector. The DTM is the professional that will plan, design, guide and check the implementation of the changes needed by furniture companies to transform themselves and adapt to the digital transformation.

This Curriculum will cover 7 categories of skills:

  • Technical skills (Digitalization);
  • Innovations skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Emotional intelligence skills.
  • Skills related to quality, risk and safety skills; and
  • Ethics

Each category presents a cluster of skills that will form the background of the future Digital Transformation Manager. The curriculum will be the basis for the training materials development, ready in the coming months.