During its 70 years of existence, Transilvania University of Brașov has developed into a truly prestigious institution both at a national and international level. It is an accredited state higher-education institution awarded with «High Degree of Confidence» by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and is internationally evaluated by the European University Association (EUA-IEP). Transilvania University of Brasov has now 18 faculties, offering bachelor (for over 100 programmes), master (over 60 programmes) and doctoral studies (18 domains) to app. 20000 students. It meets the requirements of The European Space for Higher Education and Research as defined by The Bologna, Copenhagen and Lisbon Declarations and promoted by The National Strategy for Higher Education in Romania.

Within the university, scientific research and education projects, grants and contracts, financed from public or private national and international sources, are implemented. The financing for projects and grants is obtained both by participating in national competitions (conducted mainly in the framework of the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation PNCDI), and by participating in international competitions (mainly in the framework of the programmes Horizon 2020 and Erasmus Plus). Advanced research focusing on major topics of sustainable development is performed in Transilvania University in its R&D Institute for High-Tech Products for Sustainable Development, which offers high-performance infrastructure in 12 specialized laboratories, available to the 28 research departments from university as well as to cooperation with national and European research facilities and research divisions of various companies.

The Faculty of Wood Engineering, belongs to the Transilvania University and is the only faculty of wood science and technology in Romania.With 60 years of tradition,  the faculty had  prepared over 6500 graduates, offering study programmes at all higher education levels.

Furniture is a topic present in all programs. Wood Products Engineering and Design (bachelor) trains production engineers and specialists for technical and technological design of furniture. Wood Processing Engineering (bachelor) provides the knowledge needed for activities in production and design sectors of wood processing industry. Furniture eco-design and restoration (master) is extending the furniture related knowledge to the most advanced trends in design, materials and technology. Advanced wooden structures and innovative technologies (master) offers advanced education in the field of new wood-based materials, wood structures, innovative technologies and technological management in the wood sector. Those studies can be further deepened in the framework of  the PhD programs in Forestry Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

The Faculty of Wood Engineering keeps tight links with the furniture sector and  trains specialists for a strong industrial sector with over 9000 enterprises and 100.000 employees, with a turnover of over 3500 million euro.