The 5th DITRAMA meeting, planned for Brasov, was held online on 7th of June 2021 due to the pandemic circumstances.

The meeting has placed a focus on the important target of testing the pilot course and of a strong campaign of dissemination.

METODO confirmed that the platform is working in all languages and it is prepared for testing. Final changes in the platform will follow in September after the analysis of the testing outputs. The translation in 6 languages of the user guide, will become available on the platform by mid-October.

The good news was that an important number of students (223), as CETEM reports, are already taking the course and the initial survey has already been answered by students. It was underlined the important role of teachers from all involved partners, to enrol on the platform, taking further the mission of assisting the students, informing them about evaluation surveys and motivating them through the platform to finalize the course. The surveys will collect the feedbacks from the users and will be evaluated by CETEM by the end of September. Based on this analysis, all partners responsible with the training material will implement the required and agreed final changes.

In the meantime, a sustained campaign of dissemination by all available means: publications, social media news, informing relevant stakeholders, e-mailing, will be carried out in order to promote the pilot course and project outcomes. The month of November, will be the deadline for organizing local Dissemination Events and the Final Conference.