The sixth and last plenary meeting of DITRAMA took place in Barcelona on November 25th and 26th. This last meeting was held in a hybrid format, many of the partners were able to attend in person and others were connected online, due to the restrictions and difficulties posed by the pandemic.

The meeting had two main objectives, on the one hand, we have reviewed and planned the ongoing technical works of the project. In this sense, we started from the analysis of the excellent results and feedback of the pilot course and the results of the internal and external quality control, and based on all of this, we have agreed and programmed the last adjustments of the curriculum, the materials of the training course and of the e-learning platform, before making all these results definitively public.

On the other hand, the second main objective of the meeting has been to review the status and program the last planned dissemination activities of the project, to achieve the maximum impact on our target groups and stakeholders. In this sense, the organization of the final international conference of the project (December 15th), as well as the progress of the communications of partners with their national/regional VET regulatory entities for the recognition and consideration of this new professional qualification, has centred the main part of our debate. During the meeting, the partners have also validated the Exploitation Plan of the course and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for mutual recognition of the course when it is delivered in the future.

This meeting of DITRAMA has coincided in time with the InteriHotel fair for hotel interiors, organized every year by CENFIM in Barcelona. On the afternoon of November 25th, we had the opportunity to visit the fair and know the main novelties and trends in contract-hospitality interior design, interact with manufacturers and attend workshops, conferences and live demonstrations of few new technologies.