The DITRAMA - Digital Transformation Manager project, leading the implementation of the digital transformation strategy in companies in the furniture value chain, will hold its final online workshop on 15th of December 2021.

Agenda of the DITRAMA conference. 

You can REGISTER for the online event at the following link. 

DITRAMA video presentation.

During the event, key project results will be presented and their relevance discussed among project partners and sector key stakeholders, such as sector industry employers and their representatives, consultants, VET providers, higher education entities and labour market experts. A key note speaker will talk about the relevance of digitalization for the sector and its future.

DITRAMA project partners, following an analysis of the digital skills and knowledge needs in the sector involving hundreds of sector actors and stakeholders, developed two related curriculum for the Digital Transformation Manager of the furniture sector to cover the identified needed learning outcomes: one for HEI profiles (70 h, EQF5) and one for VET provision (35 h, EQF4). 

The Digital Transformation Managers will be in charge of leading the deployment of the digital transformation within companies in an integral manner. This professional will require technical, technological and managerial knowledge and skillsvision for their deployment within the sector and transversal skills for change management. All of these are covered at different level by the DITRAMA training course. Based on these curricula, the learning material were produced in the format of 100 learning pills containing multimedia materials, text and links to external videos and resources.

These materials were integrated in the DITRAMA e-learning platform to create the open on-line training course (DITRAMA MOOC). Before their uploading, these materials were further elaborated and specific online interactive tools created.

The 100 micro training pills are grouped into 10 units (4 technical and 6 transversal):

  • Digital technology - exploration of contemporary emerging and potential disruptive technologies
  • Digital technology - engineering and manufacturing
  • Digital technology - simulation and AR/VR
  • Digital technology - data & security
  • Innovation and digital transformation
  • Leadership in digital transformation
  • Communication in digital transformation
  • The people within the digital transformation
  • Quality, risk and safety in digital transformation
  • Social and environmental impact of digitization

Learners, following specific tests, can verify their knowledge acquisition through online quizzes and, if they pass them, they can get the related DITRAMA course certificates. The course is available in 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Portuguese).

The project has been implemented by twelve partners with complementary knowledge and back-grounds from 8 EU countries: CENFIM (project coordinator), Aarhus University, WOODWIZE, CETEM, UEA, AMIC, CFPIMM, FEDERLEGNOARREDO, OIGPM, METODO, HO-GENT, Transilvania University of Brașov.

Project results are available in different EU languages and downloadable from DITRAMA website.