The National Catalogue of Qualifications in Portugal will be reviewed next 2022. All the 22 sectorial areas will be updated at the same time and under the same terms and procedures. CFPIMM, member of DITRAMA consortium, will play the main role regarding the qualifications for wood and furniture sector.

Portugal will have next year a general review of the National Catalogue of Qualifications. To carry out this huge and challenging work, the Portuguese National Agency for Qualification and Vocational Education and Training, ANQEP (Agência Nacional para a Qualificação e o Ensino Profissional) open an International Public Tender to deliver this task to several organizations, which will be responsible for developing diagnostic studies, updating all the qualifications, learning units and learning outcomes. 

CFPIMM, as the only Vocational Training Centre for Wood and Furniture in Portugal, with a large experience in providing qualifications for this sector and having a strong relationship with the national industry of wood and furniture, apply to this International Public Tender and was the entity selected to develop diagnostic studies and to update the national qualifications for wood and furniture sector.

Considering the current gap existing between qualifications required by wood and furniture industry and the qualifications and profiles available in the National Catalogue, the work to be developed will be crucial to promote qualified jobs and attract also qualified young people to this sector, in order to raise productivity and competitiveness. About this issue, it is also known that digital transition and digital transformation are key factors to guide industrial modernization processes. Thus, on this connected and globalized economy, companies must offer personalized smart products and services based on digital manufacturing systems supplied by resource-efficient and sustainable industries. 

This way, it is evident the major importance of all the DITRAMA outputs considering the work that CFPIMM will develop for the National Catalogue. Many of the inputs to review the qualifications, regarding the digital area on wood and furniture sector, will be inspired and picked on DITRAMA project, considering not only the new curriculum of the Digital Transformation Manager, as a whole, but also considering the possibility to integrate training learning units and training materials developed along the 3 years project lifecycle.