Recently, the pilot test of the DITRAMA course has successfully come to an end with the active participation of 116 students. Most of them have successfully completed the online course. The pilot test began in May 2021 and ended in mid-September. During this time, the participating students from 17 European countries have been able to take the course on one of their two training paths. The pilot experience has shown that the DITRAMA course has provided a very successful training experience for almost 100% of the participating students, as well as an increase in their knowledge in the different subjects after completion of each lesson.

Some of our students' comments:

"The course has been a great source of information and inspiration while I have learned new topics about the sector, ICTs and companies, which have expanded my field of information and perhaps redirected future training or job search. At the same time I have learned values that I did not know before". 


"In any case, the information offered in each pill is very complete to give you a general idea of everything".


"We are taking over, I seek knowledge to find the opportunity to learn new things that can lead us through a path of innovation, excellence and, above all, that generates a quality process to provide our customers with outstanding products".

The DITRAMA e-learning platform will remain available and free in 7 official languages of the European Union. It consists of 100 training micro-pills grouped into 10 learning units (4 technical and 6 transversal), covering both strategic and practical aspects of the digital transformation of the furniture sector.  The micro pills comprise among other formats, short videos, where experts educators and professionals of the sector cover technical, technological and managerial knowledge, try to foster the student’s vision for its application in the sector as well as transversal skills for the management of change.