Bia Software is a new software launched by Nika Utilaje, a Romanian company specialized in the field of woodworking machinery. The new online solution aims to simplify the whole process from starting a custom furniture project to the final product.

Nika Utilaje is an experienced Romanian company in the woodworking machinery sector that took on the challenge of developing a software solution for online designing of custom furniture. The idea was to create a seamless solution to allow a project to transit directly from client to production. 

Bia Software features 2 profiles – client & factory – each with dedicated functions for their user. The Factory can add standard or special products to be included as such in projects or further customized. Moreover, the Factory has a control panel from where they can easily manage the options available for Clients, as well as the orders received online. 

The Clients have all the functions required for designing their own custom furniture project. They can select the desired cabinets, customize them (including the interior), see the pricing real-time and place the order. 

After the order has been accepted by the factory, Bia Software generates the production documents as PDF files or sends the order directly to a CNC machine, using the Cabinet Vision integration. These files are automatically generated. 

“We hope that with Bia Software more furniture makers are enabled to sell online, having more flexibility versus a physical showroom” – Adrian Brosiu, Technical Director.

Source + Nika Utilaje